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About Himuday Housing

Himachal Pradesh is amongst one of the most peaceful and serene states of India and so are the people of Himachal. Commonly known as Himachalis,they are calm, gentle and peace loving. Though Himachal Pradesh is a self sufficient state, still there are more avenues in Chandigarh region for any Himachali to dream to have his/her own house. Need for children's higher education, medical requirements (proximity to medical institutions like PGI) and requirement for second home makes Chandigarh Tri-city a preferred option, also houses in developed areas in Tri-City are perceived as an asset/value.

Thus there is real need for a good house with sufficient space in a planned and developed area in Chandigarh Tri- City. But the challenges are spiraling high prices of houses in Chandigarh Tri- City. Also it is difficult for modest/innocent Himachalis to trust Private Builders whose objective is to earn maximum profit.

A unique concept with an obective of providing comfortable homes to native/resident of Himachal Pradesh in Chandigarh Tri- City can address the real need for Himachalis. The above inspiration conceived HIMUDAY HOUSING.

Himuday Housing is providing independent floors on 185 sq.yd plots at Sector-12, Panchkula Extn.-2, being developed by Idyllic Resorts Pvt. Ltd and is a part of 6600 acres Panchkula Extn.-2 having 24 sectors approved by the Departmental of Town and Country Planning, Haryana. The Project has been named as Panchkula Eco-City.