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Payment Plan & General Instructions 

Applicants of  accommodation shall be liable to pay as under:-

  • 15% of the Booking Amount.
  • 10% within one month.
  • 15% on start of excavation.
  • 10% on the completion of first floor slab.
  • 10% on the completion of second floor slab.
  • 10% on the completion of third floor slab.
  • 10% on the completion of Plaster.
  • 10% on the finishing of the flooring
  • 5% on the completion of wood work & Paint.
  • 5% on offer of Possession + All other applicable taxes.

General Instructions:-

  1. Govt. Levies: - Stamp Duty, Registration & other statutory dues/charges (if any) are extra is payable to relevant authorities.
  2. Tax: - Service Tax will be charged extra as per Govt. norms or any other taxes as may be applicable from time to time. The present rate of service tax is 3.5%
  3. Transfer Charges:- In case buyer/applicant wishes to transfer the rights under the Agreement of sale to his/her spouse/children/parents, there are no transfer charges applicable. But in case of transfer or sale to third party, the transfer fee payable to Himuday Housing shall be 50/- per sqft on saleable area.
  4. Cancellation of Booking: - The administration fee for cancellation of any booking will be 20% of the total amount received till the date of request of cancellation of booking.
  5. The intending buyer has applied for the booking with full knowledge and facts about the proposed project and subject to all laws.
  6. The Buyer has fully satisfied himself/herself/themselves about the title of the property understood all limitations & obligations in respect of it and there will be no further investigation or objection by the intending buyer in this regard.
  7. If any dispute arises between the parties hereto, then the same shall be subject to Panchkula Jurisdiction only, as per prevailing laws.
  8. Payment Terms:- The buyer shall pay construction installments as described in details annexed hereto with this application form and delay in payment of installments will attract penal interest @ 24% per month, any three consecutive installment due will cause cancellation of booking without assigning any reason. Cheque/bank Draft to be in favor of Himuday Housing  payable at Panchkula.
  9. Bank Loan: - We will arrange the Documents regarding Loan to Buyer.